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AFS Intercultural Programs Thailand : The AFS in Thailand began in 1962 under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with support from the U.S. Information Service (USIS). The Program gave scholarships to Thai students for one year  study abroad and later accepted American students to stay in Thailand. In 1970, AFS Thailand became an international organization, exchanging students from Thailand with those from many other countries. To emphasize its international focus, the name of the global organization was changed to AFS International-Intercultural Programs, and in Thailand to AFS Intercultural Programs Thailand. The goal of AFS is for all participants to develop their skills, character and knowledge to contribute to a better life for all the world’s people.

Eduction First (EF)  is an international education project that specializes in language and culture for young students (ages 14-18). The students will stay with a host family and study in local goverment schools they have selected. The students can choose among the participating countries: America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Japan, China, France and Germany.

China : The partnership plan between the local municipality of Thailand and the Overseas Chinese School in Guang Xi, Nanning City of the Republic of China aim to develop personnel exchange for studying and teaching both languages and integrate the countries’ local cultures.


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